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Martin and Megan Kennedy purchased the home and land they have named Creek Valley Farm in April 2012 after looking for the perfect farm in Elverson, PA for just over a year. With a lot of hard work and dedication, they have transformed the overgrown property into a home for their herd of Heritage Yorkshire pigs, 2 dairy goats, Wilma and Betty, and organically pasture raised flock of brown egg laying hens, which also includes Indian Runner ducks. Along with their 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 year old son, Martin Jude, Megan and Marty have made the farm their sanctuary in the short amount of time they have owned the land.

In September 2014 they decided to add pigs to our farm because we love pork and wanted to know exactly how the meat we consume and give to our son is raised, fed and harvested. We give our hogs access to managed rotational pastures as well as GMO free grain, to ensure the happiest and healthiest pigs possible in a natural setting in order to provide the best tasting pork possible at reasonable, competitive market prices.  M & M hogs are never fed swill (also known as "kitchen" or "food" scraps). We believe in the old saying "You are what you eat" and our hogs are a part of our family.

We are dedicated to providing only the freshest pork from happy and healthy pigs that live their lives as nature intended them to. Our livestock only eat natural feed that is free of animal byproducts and have access to all of the things that pigs could want...fresh air, tons of room to roam and forage, fresh water, clean, warm housing and love. Get your pork from a happy place!

We have begun cultivating gourmet mushrooms on the farm to provide our customers. Stay tuned for information on first flushes of shittake, oyster and chicken of the woods mushrooms. You've tasted the rest, get ready to taste the best!

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