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Saucy loves to cook! Although she has done many different things throughout her life, cooking and sharing her creations with friends and family has been the one constant. As life progressed, it was abundantly clear that saucy was not to be in the corporate world. She was meant to venture out and do something that would fulfill her place in the universe. With her passion, hard work and sincere desire to inspire, she began to walk down this new path.. She started with many of the foods she had shared with others for years, her first 2 lines of sauces are caramel sauces and chutneys. She only works in small batches, using high quality ingredients and always adds love and laughter to the process.

Saucy uses seasonal fruits and vegetables in her products. The availability of specific combinations may therefore change with the time of year and the desire of the customer. It only takes one easy step to take the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our sauces are as versatile as you want to make them. They belong on top of your entrée, in between your slices of bread, flirting with your cheese plate, or spooning with your spoon. Any way you like it - is great. The caramels, well....great on top of ice cream of course, also wonderful on bread pudding, in your milk shake or cocktail, tossed in your popcorn, as a dipping sauce, or the way Saucy likes it - right out of the jar!

All our products are made in a commercial kitchen in West Chester, PA and have been approved by the Department of Agriculture - they are the real deal! The chutneys are Vegan and Gluten Free.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out, remember It's all about the sauce!


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