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The Wildflower Chef is a personal chef and boutique catering company, focusing on healthy, organic meal delivery.  At The Wildflower Chef, every menu we produce is customized to fit our clients' specific needs; we believe that with food, one size does not fit all.  We serve families and individuals in Chester County, PA. 

Chef Emily Scott is the executive chef and owner of The Wildflower Chef.  Emily's passion for cooking began as a teenager and led her to pursue a degree in the culinary arts.  Unsatisfied with what she learned of the food industry and the dangers of conventional (non-organic) agriculture, Emily quickly realized that she wanted to find a way to bring truly pure, real food to the families in her town:  The Wildflower Chef was born.  Chef Emily believes that there is no better way to love yourself and our planet than to care deeply about the foods you put into your body every day.

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