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Our story really revolves around family and food! We all agree that food is the “love language” of our family. My late mother Jean was, and still is, the driving force. She instilled in her daughters the nurturing of others, gathering of family and expressing love through food. Amazing food, homemade from scratch no matter what it is, no box required or even allowed! It is the only way I know as a result.

I began making these Pocket pies for Thanksgiving in 2009 and everyone loved them! I loved making them and seeing the delight they sparked in others. So, I kept making them, hundreds of them. They would show up frequently; at my place of work, every family function or gathering I would attend. I gave them away frozen, so people could have a little treat whenever they desired. This whole time the message I heard from day one, “you need to sell these pies, they are amazing”! 

It was when my daughter Nicolette wrote a Thanksgiving tribute for school, how special making these pies was for her, that the spark ignited the fire within me, and A Pocket Full Of Pie was set in motion. 

I heard a saying once that drives me. “Don’t die with a song in your heart”. This is my song! We hope you love them as much as we do.


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