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Our Commitment to Education

We believe in the next generation

Our Commitment to Education

We believe in the next generation

A key ingredient of our culture is our commitment to the broader community around us and to future generations of entrepreneurs.  We look for ways to collaborate with students and teachers in schools and universities as a way to share the entrepreneurial experience and to bring new ideas and new technologies to our members.  It's not unusual to see students working side by side with entrepreneurs at Artisan Exchange in operations, marketing, systems, and finance. We collaborate across a broad array of disciplines such as economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, information systems, management, nutrition, operations management, and sociology. 


Experiential Learning

We offer student teams the opportunity to work with a real world entrepreneur to solve problem or seize opportunities.  Class projects in business, nutrition, marketing, finance and other topics provide helpful assistance to our member and giving students a real accomplishment for their resume and perhaps more importantly the knowledge that they can make a difference in the lives of real people who are pursuing their dreams.

Entrepreneurial Growth

Growth as an entrepreneur is dependent upon ongoing learning, training, and sharing of experiences, including our failed attempts and unexpected successes! We have an ongoing commitment to our own learning including our members, our customers, and others interested in the Artisan Exchange business model.  As part of our collaborative success, we understand that it is critical to continually listen and learn from one another, as well as be willing to share our knowledge and experience with others - whether it be one on one, or in our regularly scheduled member meetings.  
We also welcome and host outside speakers from other organizations on a regular basis to assist our members in ongoing training and learning about new processes, technologies, regulations, etc.  

Commercial Kitchen

Our commercial kitchen serves as a venue for a variety of classes and shared learning - from preparing healthy meals, to showing how our products are made, to learning specific food preparation and cooking techniques.

Speaking in Classrooms

Artisan Exchange and our business partners welcome opportunities to speak to classes and student clubs about their experiences with business and entrepreneurship.  We find these conversations to be mutually beneficial as discovery and learning goes both ways.


We occasionally have opportunities for internships which allow students to fully immerse themselves in the world of small and start-up businesses.  Interns may work directly with a specific member company or with the staff and management of Artisan Exchange.    

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