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Inspired by my two Grandmothers - Anastasia and Patricia, I decided to start my own venture. I spent 17 years perfecting my cheesecake and decided it was time to make it into something great. My company has a higher purpose - one that gives back to the community in which it serves. A portion of our sales will go to help empower women in various stages of their lives through shelter, nutrition, education and training. Help us do something great and spread the word!

Anastasia Patricia’s uses the best ingredients to make cheesecakes from scratch in small batches.  Our different flavors come from our crusts!  Our homemade cookies and gluten free granola are blended and pressed to make a delicious crust for our original cheesecake batter. 

Enjoy some cheesecake along the way!

-- Christine Rotteveel - Founder

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