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As a little Jersey girl I would stand on a chair in the kitchen, apron draping to the floor, watching my mother cook for my dad and my family. I remember her saying vividly with that beautiful accent…"Brenda, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." I thought she meant Daddy…but, what I've come to learn it's actually true for Daddy and everyone else.

After a way too long career in the financial industry, I came to realize that cooking professionally is my passion... it's what I should have been doing all along. I truly enjoy making food that makes people happy. Fast-forward twenty years from that chair in Jersey, that little girl's dream has come true. BrendAmoré was born, an Italian catering company featuring dishes I know even my parents would be proud of.

With each dish I put 100% of my heart and soul, as if it was being prepared for my own family. The feeling I get when I see people eat my dishes is incredibly satisfying, sometimes it's hard to explain

We feature the traditional Italian dishes, but have also mixed in some non-traditional recipes that may just surprise you. We also will cater according to your special dietary needs such as gluten free.

Please call us give call for your next event from 2 to 200. Or say "Va fungool" to fast food and let us deliver to you delicious, freshly prepared hot meals to compliment your busy lifestyle.

– Brenda

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