Cook Awesome Food creates spice blends that are inspired by rich, global culinary traditions — except our spices are better. Way better! We grind all the spices ourselves and blend each batch by hand. That’s to ensure you experience the same level of culinary bliss we did when each of these seasonings were created. 



Owner, Blair Stubbs, comes from a long line of Indo-Jamaican restaurateurs /chefs. She was raised in kitchens that created the food that influence our blends. Her passion for food and culture are infused into every bite. 

Executive Chef, Dennis Danovich, is a culinary professional with a passion for global comfort food. His travels throughout the Caribbean, Europe, and South America help influence our blends’ flavor profiles. 

Our all-natural spice blends provide a satisfying, exquisite experience each time you use them. 

Cook Awesome Food. Embracing harmony through culinary traditions.