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Commercial Kitchen

Space and Equipment for Product Development and Large Scale Production

Commercial Kitchen

Space and Equipment for Product Development and Large Scale Production

Our fully equipped 900 square foot Commercial Kitchen is a focal point of the Artisan Exchange program. Designed to qualify for licensing by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for wholesale manufacturing and by the Chester County Health Department for Catering and Ready To Eat Foods, the Commercial Kitchen serves various roles for different entrepreneurs.

For many it serves as the entry point into the world of artisan food manufacturing, providing an opportunity to try out their business model ideas and recipes for commercial production and marketing - a low cost, low risk alternative not found elsewhere . For others it serves as a home base for their catering and retail food preparation businesses. Established food manufacturers renting their own production space at Artisan Exchange can utilize the commercial kitchen on an "as needed" basis to rapidly scale up production capacity without huge investments in their own equipment and facilities.


The Commercial Kitchen is available 24/7 with its use scheduled through an online reservation system. This enables all authorized users to schedule their production time weeks in advance or at the last minute if the kitchen is available.

Food Prep and Packaging

Next to the commercial kitchen is a separate Food Preparation and Packaging Room that can be utilized for pre-production ingredient preparation and post-production packaging, labelling, and shipping activities.



A unique feature of the Artisan Exchange Commercial Kitchen is an adjacent storage room where each entrepreneur can keep their own refrigerator, freezer, and/or rolling security cage for secure onsite storage of ingredients, smallwares, and finished products ready for sale. Each user can roll their own mobile cage into the commercial kitchen for easy access during production runs.


Demonstrations and Teaching

For those interested in teaching classes, doing food demos, or other similar activities, the large open layout of the commercial kitchen easily lends itself to hosting a variety of groups for educational and / or marketing purposes.


Artisan Exchange provides a full complement of cooking and clean up equipment. The food prep lineup includes a 20 quart mixer, six burner gas stove with convection oven, 30 gallon tilt skillet, 12 gallon steam kettle, double gas convection oven, and a 2 head bottling machine for sauces, juices, and other liquids. The tilt skillet and steam kettle are specialized pieces that enable a small food manufacturer to produce larger quantities of sauces, soups, and other products for packaging or inclusion in other value added products they can package on site. Food holding equipment includes a refrigerator, freezer, and full size warming cabinet. The clean up area has an automatic dishwasher along with a 3 bay sink for handwashing and mop sink for final clean up. The commercial kitchen also has numerous tables, a food prep sink table, and shelves for temporary storage.

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