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Our story begins with my son, Chace. When Chace didn’t feel well he would help himself to a frozen fruit pop because they cooled his throat, hydrated his body and they just made him feel better. I could make him an ice pop with healing ingredients that make him feel better and thus our story begins…

All of our pops follow a simple formula. We load them up with wholesome fruits, coconut water, a hint of herbs and probiotics. They are naturally sweetened with honey, and cane sugar.

Our mission is to get bellies back into balance using one simple delivery method. A Frozen Fruit Pop with probiotics!

Gone are the days of force feeding our children, or even adults, tablets, capsules, teas, tinctures, and powders. We hope to revolutionize the way we support everyone’s wellness in an all-natural, functional but mostly fun way. Every ingredient, including the sweetener, is chosen not only for taste but for functionality and low allergen risk.

Whether you are enjoying a pop for wellness, refreshment or just a fun treat, there are plenty of reasons to feel better with our pops.


Feel Better Friends - Marisa Teiner, owner

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