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At a very young age food has always been apart of my life providing enjoyment and bringing family together. Watching cooking competitions and seeing my mom cook big meals for family during the holidays and everyone’s facial expressions while a wave of quiet came over the entire room, I began to develop a sort of obsession with food. After high school I attended The Restaurant at Walnut Hill College where I received my Associates Degree in Culinary Arts.

I went on to work in multiple restaurants ranging from senior living to fine dining. I realized that I wanted to make a name for myself locally and eventually on a broader spectrum. In February 2018 in the beginning of my 20s I, Rita Stith, became the owner and Chef of what some may know me by, Food Goddess. A little girl from West Philadelphia with a dream and two of the most amazing parents, I vividly remember my mom telling me, “I want better for my kids and I want my kids to be better than me and learn from our mistakes”. I took those words to heart and continue to do so every day.

Food Goddess is a catering business out of West Chester, Pa. Specializing in classic everyday dishes with a gourmet flair covering any social event from baby showers, to birthday parties and even offering trays for Game Day and business luncheon With a limited dessert menu to satisfy your sweet tooth. Along with presentation each dish is created to fit the theme and vision of your event. Joining Artisan Exchange at the start of Food Goddess has been one of the best decisions. Everyone here from the guys running the place down to the other caterers and cook have done nothing but guide me and provide me with the tools needed get Food Goddess up and running.

Please feel free to call or email to book your next event or place dessert orders for the holidays.

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