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It all started with a sweet tooth that could not be satiated … as a child, I had the world’s most ridiculous sweet tooth. My Mom did not keep treats in the house, but encouraged independence and would let me bake my own treats. At ten years old, I checked out The Cake Bible from the local library, and my love of fancy cakes began! Between that and my Dad’s artistic instruction, I felt that I could create anything I wanted. I continued to bake for friends, family, and myself as I pursued an Engineering degree and subsequently joined the corporate world. After almost 10 years, I realized that my true passion was making and sharing food, especially baked goods. I decided to turn it into a career, and started Honey & Rose Bakery in 2016.

The best part about baking is combining my scientific and artistic background, whether it is tweaking recipes to get the perfect granola clusters, adapting a recipe to be vegan or gluten free, experimenting with new flavors, or creating realistic buttercream flowers for a cake.

Honey & Rose Bakery offers items both wholesome and decadent, from classic Maple Nut Granola to a luscious Lemon Meringue Cake. And don’t worry - it is never too pretty to eat!

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