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Kastania is a family-owned and operated company offering extra virgin olive oil (liquid gold) from Kastania, a Greek mountain village in the southern Peloponnese by the Mediterranean Sea, our ancestral home. Our EVOO is organically grown, cold pressed within 24 hours of harvest as well as bottled in Greece to ensure freshness and a long shelf life. With Kastania, there is no mystery about our ingredients or quality. Our olive oil with its high antioxidant content, can be the foundation of your kitchen and the core of a mediterranean diet. We are proud to offer you our growing line of products.

Our rustic soap is artisan crafted in the USA with 85% Kastania olive oil as well as other organic ingredients which nourish as they clean and moisturize your skin, ensuring optimal skin benefits. Great for anyone with dry skin, rosacea, eczema as well as normal skin. Also available with essential oils of rosemary mint. It’s simply amazing!

You will find our exclusively imported Mediterranean sea salt flakes from just a half hour away from our village, delectable Kalamata olives from our neighbors, as well as our very own Greek organic oregano.

The Lagakos family of Chester County invites you to transport yourself to the beautiful country of Greece without ever leaving PA.


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