Once upon a time, in the early 1900s, a handsome laddie named James MacDowell (of the MacDougall Clan, and I am proud to say, my Great Granddad) from Belfast, Northern Ireland was famous for his rich, buttery cakes adorned with gorgeous, intricate decorations of marzipan. Winning gold medal after gold medal throughout the British Isles for his sugary talents, he was soon highly sought by the royalty of England, Ireland and Scotland. He baked for dignitaries, Kings, Queens and regales which carried a most prestigious title, but James set his sights for the ultimate dream – America – the land of milk and honey. He said goodbye to fame and landed in Syracuse, NY where he worked for his American Sponsor in a tiny bakery. His victory was bringing his family to a better world which made him a MacDougall legend and my inspiration!

Fast forward to today, it is highly debatable whether I inherited Great Granddad’s good looks and his fame for sure. Lucky for me, what I did inherit was his passion for baking cakes, working hard and most of all, making people happy with a wee bit of something sweet! As of tribute to my Great Granddad, MacDougall's Irish Victory Cakes came to be!

The cake is his butter cake recipe with a few extra goodies like chocolate, butterscotch and walnuts. I also added a wee bit of baked in whiskey!

Every day we face obstacles, challenges and change. Victory is facing these demands the best we can and celebrating our courage and perseverance. This MacDougall's Irish Victory Cake is for you, you deserve it!

Buaidh No Bas!