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In 1990, Maureen aka "MoJo", being a self proclaimed popcorn nut with a sweet tooth, set out to satisfy her craving. The result was a crisp buttery toffee lightly coating tender popcorn with sliced almonds. "POP" it was an instant hit! Friends and family quickly devoured the "Toffee Corn". They began buying it and giving it as gifts. Maureen was a busy mom and chose to put her blossoming business on the back burner for another day when the time was right.

In 2013, the day arrived! Maureen partnered with her oldest daughter Maigan, a pastry chef. Together they sourced non GMO popcorn from Lancaster County, PA, used quality all natural ingredients, and Maigan's chef inspired variations to re-create a Gourmet Toffee Corn that is like nothing you've ever tasted!

Currently they are popping away in South Philadelphia, packaging each piece of popcorn with care into signature gift bags. They hope to one day share their delicious, gluten free, all natural, salty sweet treat with people all over the world!

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