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Mama Donna was born and raised in Philadelphia during a time when every neighborhood had at least one storefront bakery. These bakeries supplied communities with fresh breads, sweet rolls, pies for the holidays, and cakes for special occasions. Nearly every weekend, boxes of freshly baked sticky buns or crumb buns graced the kitchen table as families gathered before Saturday activities or after church on Sundays.

As more supermarkets added in-store bakeries, the storefronts closed down and local specialities such as the crumb buns, butter cakes, and properly made pumpernickel bread with its dark, chewy crust disappeared. After years of experimenting, searching, and testing, Mama Donna perfected these recipes and brought old-time favorites back to life. Her dream was to someday be able to (re)introduce these special treats and the traditional family-owned bakery.

In 2015, Mama Donna's Bakery was born!

Come visit us on Saturdays at Artisan Exchange, a year-round indoor farmer's market that features some of the best products and services available in Chester County. We offer a variety of baked goods for sale and free samples for tasting.

Mama Donna's Bakery is committed to using fresh, natural ingredients sourced locally, whenever possible. Our baked goods are made with natural flavors and contain zero added preservatives. We package our products using recyleable, environmentally friendly materials and bake to order to reduce food waste

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