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From the very beginning, Océbela set out to do something magnificent. We wanted to bring unique delicious food & beverage products to market that would appeal to people and palates from around the world.

Our products contain premium organic ingredients, sourced from trusted reputable farmers, herbal & spice companies, and other suppliers.

From our perspective, product presentation is just as important as the contents. Océbela wants you to feel special when you consume our products.

We are leading with our Hibiscus Sorrel Tisane because it embodies the direction that the company is choosing to go in with bold inviting flavors, intriguing & invigorating aromas, with a rich colorful texture.

Whether it is shared at a dinner party with friends, at a village café with total strangers, at a special family gathering, or while relaxing on the couch in the loving embrace of a significant other, Océbela promotes a beautifully shared experience.

Peace & Much Love.

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