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SQUARE MEAL MARKET is a local meal kit service that provides meal kits for the slow cooker. All the ingredients are prepped for you. You just open the package and place them in the slow cooker. Most meal kits require just that little prep. The slow cooker meals come frozen so you if you don’t get to them the week you purchased them, you don’t have to worry about wasted money.

SQUARE MEAL MARKET had it’s first iteration back in 2007 when it was Dinners Express and provided meals to seniors, individuals who were recently released from the hospital, and busy families. We kept hearing so many parents wishing meal time was easier and less time consuming. They also want it to be nutritious meal. So, now after 10 years later, we are back in the fray. We specialize in quick ways of getting scrumptious meals on the table. We use organic and gluten free ingredients. We chose the organic route because what goes in our mouth matters to your health.

Let us help you with dinner. WE “KISS” DINNER!
We can help you “KISS” dinner too. (Keep It Simple, Silly!)

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