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Paul’s journey began in 2001, after acquiring and struggling with many different diseases and ailments including psoriasis/eczema, food allergies, Candida, fungus, parasites, MRSA, strep, staph, and cellulitis. Through his own research and various lifestyle changes including positive thinking and a nutrient dense SuperFoods diet, he reversed and holistically cured these symptoms and believes it’s possible for others to do the same.

We Are SuperFoods is a company built on research, need, and desire to produce the most versatile, tastiest, allergy-friendly, and nutrient-dense foods on the planet.  We believe that doing it right, keeping it "real", and believing in the restoring properties of real food is who we are as people and a company.

Our pledge to you is to develop and produce products that are easy to use, and make it easy to incorporate healing and restorative SuperFoods into your daily diet and routine.

We are ready to challenge the current "Veggie Burger" market, by introducing a burger that heals you, rather than hurts you.  We always say, "We have something better than what is out there." And, we believe it!

Our primary aim is to increase the availability of healthy, SuperFoods to those who want and need them. We all know someone who needs to eat better and feel better.

We really do want to help you "SuperFoods Your Life"!

Black Rice Burgers

Black Rice has been coveted for 1,000's of years for its anti-ageing, healing, restoring, and natural source of energy and vitality.

While we try not make claims that big, we do know that dark foods generally have very high levels of anti-oxidants, which help the body fight illness and restore our immune systems.

Our premium black rice veggie burgers' first ingredient are black rice and quinoa, not wheat gluten or soy. Our burger are free of all major food allergens, unless you count coconut as a tree nut.

Our Burgers are Free-From; Soy, Wheat, Gluten, Peanuts, Tree Nuts (contains Coconut), Eggs, Dairy, Fish, Shellfish, and Peanuts.

It costs us more to use All-Natural, Real Food Ingredients, but we like it that way, and so will you. Plus, they taste amazing! 



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